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Time Freight Multisport Series

What began in 2004 when multisport was in it’s infancy, has today become KZN’ premier multisport series and one of it’s kind in South Africa. Originally partnered by Msinsi Resorts (the venue sponsor) and Jeep Apparel whose “live without limits” motto went hand-in-hand with event organiser Max Cluer Sports Marketing’s vision to grow this young, lifestyle sport in KZN.

This multisport series is designed around the family, it’s all about getting out there and having fun. Trail Running, Mountain Biking and Paddling make up the three core disciplines. The venues are beautiful and safe and make for a fantastic day out. Participants can compete, or just take part in various ways and forms, as an individual or as a team. The Full Distance event is geared for the weekend warriors and the racing athletes and a Half Distance event for the younger generation and less adventurous, the perfect platform to learn and get involved before taking it to the next level. The Kids Multisport Dash allows the youngsters to get involved in the sport and perhaps even become future champions; mom and dad are welcome to take part as well.

In 2010, Time Freight became title sponsor to the series – the perfect addition to their “Time Freight supports sport” philosophy. With Time Freight being a proudly Pietermaritzburg company operating on a national scale in the courier industry and with a long standing history in supporting cycling and mountain biking events around the country, it is an honour for Max Cluer Sports Marketing to have their support.
Time Freight CEO, Etienne van Ravesteyn, announced “Time Freight continues its partnership with the Multisport Series because we believe sport and business go hand in hand in achieving a healthy, focused and balanced life style. Support of this Series as a sporting discipline meets our objectives in that it presents a life style option which contributes greatly to the development of the broader sporting community. Our involvement furthermore gives effect to our general philosophy which, ‘a positive attitude coupled with a healthy body operating under effective leadership are essential ingredients for success in families, communities and in businesses’. Enjoy what the Time Freight Multisport Series has to offer and we wish all participants the very best.”

Participants may choose between the MULTISPORT and the MULTIX events. The full course MULTISPORT comprises a 5km trail run, 20km MTB and 5km paddle while the short course is made up of a 2.5km trail run, 10km MTB and 2.5km paddle. The MULTIX caters for the non-paddlers and comprises a 5km trail run, 20km MTB and 2.5km trail run and also offers a half-distance event. The KIDS MULTISPORT DASH offers youngsters between the ages of U7 and U11 their own taste of multisport.

With full catering & beverages on offer, ablution facilities, medical and safety standards to spec and great sponsor handouts, Max Cluer Sports Marketing strive to offer their participants a value for money package and a ‘feel good’ experience. Bring your mountain bike and helmet, running shoes and canoe and lifejacket (if doing the Multisport event) for a great day of fun and exercise with family and friends. For the active and outdoorsy, there are few better ways to spend your weekend than at the Time Freight Multisport Series.



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